Haight Carpet and Interiors - OVERMEASURE of Rooms by Haight in Woodinville


Consumer BEWARE: Please be aware that Haight Carpet in Woodinville WILL overmeasure your room by up to 8-9 sq yds (or close to 70-80 sq ft.) This will translate to additional pad as well as carpet costs.Of three bids from reputable carpet companies, Haight of Woodinville overmeasured the room and overbid by $800.

They used these misleading, unethical and deceptive business practices to quote wood flooring as well as carpet.

If you have the spare money and want the spare carpet or wood, then by all means select Haight in Woodinville.If you want a reputable estimate, go with someone else.

Review about: Carpet Installation.

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